Why is Irrigation Important for My Western Australian Property?

Green grass being watered with automatic sprinkler systemEffective irrigation systems will ensure that your property stays inviting, fresh, and most importantly – alive. Whether you have a long stretch of grass, a native garden, trees with fruits or flowers; you don’t want to have to stand outside for hours watering.

Efficient Irrigation

Quality irrigation systems also provide a more even spread of water than a hose or cheap sprinkler can. They are the most efficient way of ensuring your property stays fresh. You can also plan out a system that avoids the issues of brown, dried spots that you might otherwise get with other methods of watering.

Water Conservation

A suitable irrigation system that is set out and planned appropriately will avoid any troubles with your system accidentally watering paths, roads or other places that will simply waste your water. Less frequent watering that gets deep into the soil will benefit your property, and this is what irrigation systems excel at it.

Scheduled Watering

In-store photo of reticulation control boxesWith a hose, you need to be always present. Even with a small sprinkler that connects to a hose, you still need to operate it, remember to turn it on and then off again. An efficient irrigation system can come with a scheduling option that lets you stay in bed while the system cares for your property.

You should also look at the best times to set your watering for and abide by any water restrictions. Choosing a time where there is less wind to affect your irrigation systems can ensure your water is not wasted. Selecting an earlier or later time to schedule your watering can also help to avoid the sun, which can evaporate some of the water before it soaks in.

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