Where Can I Purchase Irrigation Parts in Perth?

replacement sprinkler headsWhether needing to water a garden, property, sporting ground or farm, irrigation allows you to apply controlled amounts of water to an area. When looking at an area being watered, you may see water coming from a sprinkler without realising that beneath the surface there are many intricate parts of the irrigation system working together.

To keep your irrigation system in good working order, it’s important to inspect it regularly and repair or replace damaged parts. WA Reticulation Supplies offers Perth’s largest range of professional irrigation products catering to every corner of the water movement industry.

Read below to learn just a few of the irrigation parts that WA Retiulation Supplies stock or can source including:

  • Irrigation Pumps
  • Irrigation Control Boxes
  • Irrigation Pipes
  • Irrigation Valves
  • Irrigation Sprinklers

Irrigation Pumps

Grundfos Pumps PromotionProperties with a bore or their own water source, not those who use water mains, require a pump for their irrigation system. This pump moves the water from the water source into the pipes.  The amount of water required to irrigate an area will determine the size of pump needed. Having a pump that’s too small won’t generate enough water for an area while having a pump that’s too large can waste water as it provides more water pressure than needed.

Irrigation Control Boxes

The control box is where you control your irrigation system including setting programmes and turning sprinklers on automatically or manually. A residential homes control box is normally a small box located on a wall outside the home and is powered by your electrical supply and a battery while a large farm may have a full computer system located in a shed that without an ongoing power supply it won’t be able to operate.

Irrigation Pipes

Irrigation pipes act as water storage for your irrigation system. As with pumps, pipes come in different sizes and pressure classes. A residential home would require a low pressure pipe such as a class 1 while a farm or sporting ground would require a much higher class. Common damage that can occur to pipes include wear and tear as they age, a build up of sediment and cracks. Large proprieties such as a farm regularly run filtration solutions through their irrigation systems to flush and clean the pipes of any dirt and debris

Irrigation Valves

As water flows through the pipe it’s delivered to a valve which operates like an on and off switch. The valve opens allowing water into the sprinkler. If you notice no water is coming out of a sprinkler then checking the irrigation systems valve box would be the first place to start. A valve consists of different components including an electrical coil on top of the valve and a flange bladder inside. If a valve is damaged it can be just one of these components that needs replacing, not the entire valve.

Irrigation Sprinklers

Sprinkler SpraysThe sprinkler itself is the part of an irrigation system that is normally visible. There are numerous sizes and types of sprinklers depending on the area being irrigated. Impact drive sprinklers are ideal for irrigating large areas while pop up sprinklers are ideal for residential homes. When not used regularly, sprinklers can become blocked and need cleaning. Parts of a sprinkler include nozzles, springs, head, filters and casing; all of which could need replacing with wear and tear or damage.

Looking for irrigation supplies in Perth? WA Reticulation Supplies can help

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