Where Can I Find a Sprinkler Supplier in Rockingham, Armadale or Midland?

Sprinkler headSprinkler systems are a great addition to your property to ensure your lawn and garden looks fantastic and fresh year-round. Whether you are looking for a couple of extra parts for your system, replacements, or a whole new setup to be installed and planned out, you will need the help of your local sprinkler supplier to get everything you need to get started.

What Parts Do I Need For a Sprinkler?

Buying extra parts or replacement parts for your system can be difficult! It’s hard to work out what you might need sometimes. Generally a sprinkler is made up of 4 parts;

  1. Sprinkler Heads
  2. Valves
  3. Water Pipes and Tubes
  4. Timers or Automatic Retic Controllers

If you need a particular piece to replace a damaged part in your system, you may think you need exactly the same part to replace it with, but some systems give you options. You may be able to secure a more waterwise or different type of part in your system to improve on it if you do your research properly, and you may even save some money along the way!

How Long Should My Sprinklers Run?

To make sure your lawn and garden is sufficiently watered, the recommendation is for approximately 30 minutes at a time, twice a week. This ensures that the water from the sprinkler system soaks into the ground and reaches the roots while avoiding the plants being drowned or for any water to be unnecessarily wasted. Your watering times will depend on your area and designated schedule in Western Australia.

Do Automatic Sprinkler Systems Use More Water?

sprinkler watering the grassYou may think that automatic sprinkler systems are more wasteful than simply watering the garden yourself with a hose, but they actually help you to save water! A carefully-planned reticulation system will be designed to use the exact amount of water needed by your particular property and will ensure that none of your precious water is wasted. This can help you with your water bills, and you are also safe from those days where you forget to turn off the garden hose properly.

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