What Should I Consider When Choosing Golf and Turf Irrigation?

Commercial reticulationA reliable, high performance irrigation system is essential for golf or turf irrigation. The size of the area will determine what is best for your space. To ensure the irrigation is functioning and performing as it should, water reaching point to point is essential.

Read below to learn more about what to consider when choosing golf or turf irrigation including:

  • Sprinkler Type for Golf or Turf Irrigation
  • Pipe Size for Golf or Turf Irrigation
  • Pump Size for Golf or Turf Irrigation

Sprinkler Type for Golf or Turf Irrigation

The best sprinkler type for a golf course or large area of turf such a sporting oval or park will be determined by the overall size. High impact sprinklers or gear drive are popular for large, open spaces as they deliver sufficient output for optimum coverage. Hundreds of sprinklers can be installed to irrigate large areas therefore the best way to ensure they are all operating correctly is to check the water output visually when the irrigation is on.

Pipe Size for Golf or Turf Irrigation

The larger the area, the larger the size of irrigation pipe required. High quality, high flow, high pressure pipes allow water to flow freely and reduce the chance of breaks. If your irrigation pipe is too small it prevents sufficient flow to water a large space plus increases the chance of breaks. A break in an irrigation pipe is an inconvenience as until repaired or replaced will prevent irrigation working. Irrigation pipes should be flushed regularly to get expel debris and ensure water can flow freely.

Pump Size for Golf or Turf Irrigation

sprinkler watering the lawnAs with the sprinkler type or pipe size, it all comes down to the size of the area when deciding which pump is best for golf or turf irrigation. High performance, self-propelled irrigation pumps will deliver reliability and performance. Large scale irrigation will require multiple water pumps which should all have parts such as filters and seals checked regularly. It is recommended to have all irrigation pumps serviced at least annually to ensure they are working correctly.

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