What are the Signs Your Reticulation Needs Repairing?

Summer lawn in need of waterWell summer has arrived. Here’s cheers to an abundance of sunshine and hot days and warm and balmy nights. Although summer is the season of choice for many, it can be the season that your garden requires more attention and TLC.

To enjoy lush, green lawns and gardens all summer long, reticulation is a wise choice. Now summer has arrived it’s important to ensure your reticulation is in good working order.

Water pooling in your garden

If you notice water is pooling on the surface of one or multiple areas of your lawn, it can indicate there is damage to one of multiple sprinkler heads. Inspecting and replacing any broken sprinkler heads should eliminate this issue.

Uneven water coverage

Residental ReticulationIf you notice one or multiple sprinklers aren’t spraying in the direction they should or dead patches are appearing in certain areas of your lawn, it is likely your sprinklers heads need some attention. Sprinkler heads may simply need to be cleaned or if sprinkler heads are cracked or broken, they will need to be replaced.

Loss of water

If you turn your reticulation on and are greeted with low water pressure or no water at all, there could be an issue with your water pump or valves. Replacing or repairing these should have water freely flowing again.

A high-pitched noise

If you are greeted with a high-pitched noise when your reticulation is on, it can indicate a small leak or slow leak in a sprinklers valve. Depending on if the valve needs to be replaced or tightened, this just rectify the issue and your reticulation will once again operate without causing this high-pitched noise.

Excessive water usage charges

While there are many reasons for water bills increasing, broken reticulation can be one culprit. If your water bills are increasing despite your household not using more water, it could indicate a leaking water pipe.  

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