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A Simple Bucket test can be measured by timing in seconds how long it takes to fill a 9 litre household bucket.

1. Flow Test Method

To do this test, follow the steps below:
1. Collect a standard 9 litre bucket.
2. Choose a time before 9am or after 6pm to conduct the test.
3. Turn off all taps and appliances that may affect water pressure – (washing machines, dishwashers, etc)
4. Use the tap closest to your water meter and turn it on fully.
5. Place the bucket underneath and time how long it takes to fill in seconds.

Please download our planner to record your bucket size and time it takes to fill the bucket in seconds.

2. Planning, Measuring & Drawing

Using the grid paper, you can draw your property layout. Add as many features of your landscape as you can – Measuring each feature to scale is essential. Make sure you draw features such as:

  • Lawn & Garden Areas
  • Your Home
  • Driveways
  • Paved Areas
  • Pools and Water Features
  • Trees
  • Verandas and Patios
  • Vegetable Gardens and Plants

Please mark the following details on the plan:

  • Low Point (if any)
  • Water source location & type
  • If not Mains – Type of Pump:
    • Don’t have one yet
    • Type of pump
  • All measurements (Write down length next to each line)
  • Flow Rate: See ‘The Bucket Test’
  • Soil Type at 100mm deep (Sand/Clay/Loam)

You will need to borrow a flow test unit if the system is running off a bore pump as a 9 litre bucket test will be insufficient.

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Download this pdf, do the bucket test and map. Once complete please email back to WA Reticulation for your quote. All the details are on the pdf. Thank you.