Spring Sprinkler Switch On. Spring Watering Responsibly

Fresh wild flowers blooming outdoorsSpring has sprung, woo hoo!

Here at WA Reticulation Supplies, we’re excited to share tips and insights as we transition from the Winter Sprinkler Switch Off to the Spring Sprinkler Switch On. Our ongoing mission is to promote efficient water usage while embracing the warmer seasons.

Spring Sprinkler Switch On Initiative

As we welcome the spring season, the Spring Sprinkler Switch On is on in areas like Perth, Rockingham, and Mandurah. Initiated by water conservation authorities the mandatory Winter Sprinkler Switch Off program is over. Now residents and businesses to responsibly turn their automatic sprinkler systems back on.

Why Switch On Matters

While winter is all about conservation, the warmer months bring about a different set of needs for our gardens and lawns. Turning your sprinklers back on helps to sustain our gardens while still emphasising mindful water usage.

Program Timing

You can turn your sprinklers back on from 1 September each year and marks the end of winter’s mandatory water conservation period, which runs from 1 June to 31 August. It’s a time to readjust your automatic sprinklers to suit the new season’s watering needs.

Mindful Water Use

water pouring on handTurning your sprinklers back on doesn’t mean you should go overboard. The aim is still to use water wisely, so that we have ample supplies for essential services, agriculture, and natural habitats.


While using more water than in winter, being water-smart can still help you save on utility bills. Consider efficient sprinkler systems and scheduling to make the most out of every drop.

Environmental Stewardship

Balanced water usage in spring aids in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Let’s continue our commitment to water preservation, even as the temperatures rise.

Take Action,  ready to make the switch? Here’s how you can do it thoughtfully.

Automated Watering

Adjust your automatic sprinkler settings to align with spring’s increased watering needs, but be cautious. Check your system before turning it back on. Overwatering isn’t just bad for your plants; it’s also a waste of valuable resources.

Garden Wisdom

gardeningConsider spring as a time to update your garden. Choose water-efficient plants, plants that suit your area and soil treatments like mulching to help retain moisture and reduce water loss.

Be a Water Champion

Don’t keep this valuable information to yourself! Talk to friends, family, and neighbours about the Spring Sprinkler Switch On program. Together, we can strive for a water-efficient future.

Join Us in Welcoming Spring

When we collaborate, we can all use our water resources wisely. Let’s celebrate the new season while ensuring water conservation remains a priority. Cheers to a lush, yet responsible, spring!

For more information, help and advice, please visit WA Reticulation.

Get more information about sprinkler restrictions from the Water Corporation.