Should I Run My Pools Pump During Winter?

swimming poolA pool provides hours of fun to keep cool during spring and summer; however, when it comes to winter, it is normally not used. Although not being used, it is still important to keep your pool maintained. Doing so can reduce the amount of work needed to get your pool summer ready once again.

Pool owners often wonder if they still need to run their pool’s pump during the winter. Read below to learn more including:

  • What is the purpose of my pool’s pump?
  • How often should I run my pools pump during winter?
  • How will I know if I am running my pool’s pump for long enough?

What is the purpose of my pool pump?

Your pool pump has a vital role to play in maintaining your pool. It draws water from your pool, pushes it through the filter and then returns it to the pool. By circulating the water in your pool through the pump and filter you are helping keep the water clean and your pool maintained. The better maintained your pool during winter, the less work to have your pool ready to enjoy during spring and summer.

How often should I run my pools pump during winter?

It is recommended to still run your pool pump during winter however, it is normal to cut back on the amount of time you run your pool pump for. In summer, it is normal for homes to run their pool pumps for 8 to 10 hours a day however in winter this can be reduced to 4 to 6 hours a day. This is a general estimate and it’s best to check with a pool specialist for an exact recommendation for your pool.

How will I know if I am running my pool pump for long enough?

Lowara Pumps at WA ReticulationHaving the right size pool pump is important. A pool pump that is too small for the volume of water in the pool may not circulate the water effectively therefore not clean your pool sufficiently. By multiplying the length by width by depth of your pool, you can calculate the litres of water in your pool and can then compare this to the output of your pool pump to work out the number of hours it needs to run.

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