Should I Install a Water Filter in My Irrigation System?

sprinkler watering the grassAn irrigation system can be used to irrigate both small and large areas. Whether a garden, property, sporting ground or farm, irrigation allows you to apply controlled amounts of water to an area.

The water we use to irrigate an area is drawn from a water source (such as water mains, a bore or lake) and flows through irrigation pipes to reach the sprinkler. As the water flows through pipes, there are many factors that can affect the quality of water.

To increase the quality of the water flowing through your irrigation system, installing a water filter in your irrigation pipes can be beneficial for many reasons including:

  • Reduce the number of chemicals in your water
  • Help prevent blockages in your irrigation pipes
  • Extend the life of your irrigation system

Reduce the number of chemicals in your water

An irrigation water filter can help reduce and eliminate chemicals in the water. Iron is one chemical often found in water. It can lead to discoloured water that leaves yellow or brownish coloured stains on structures and surfaces such as concrete and bricks.

Help prevent blockages in your irrigation pipes

The water that flows through your irrigation pipes contains dirt and debris with a common culprit being sand. A water filter helps to collect this dirt and debris, reducing the chance of it building up which would in turn can cause your irrigation pipes and sprinklers to become blocked.

Extend the life of your irrigation system

water filterChemicals, dirt and debris running through your irrigation pipes will also make its way to other components of your irrigation system such as valves and sprinkler heads. Keeping your irrigation system flowing with the cleanest water possible can extend the life of your whole irrigation system by reducing the need for excessive maintenance and repairs.

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