Reticulation Shops in Perth, Western Australia, What Do They Sell?

Water PumpsWhen you see the title ‘reticulation shop,’ you may wonder what they sell. If you are looking for products and expert advice to keep your garden and property in perfect condition, a reticulation shop is a great place to go. Even if you are not 100% sure what it is you need, talking to a professional irrigation expert can help you make that first step.

Reticulation Systems

A reticulation shop will primarily stock supplies based around irrigation systems. This can be for many different purposes; for DIY systems in your backyard, large grassy areas such as school ovals or sports venues, farming lands and even more. There are a variety of different items involved in reticulation systems, such as automatic controllers for adjusting your sprinkler system when you are not there, as well as sprinkler heads, hoses, fittings, and many other pieces that go into the construction of your reticulation system.

Water Pumps

While reticulation systems are the obvious answer to what you can buy from a reticulation shop, there are also various other items that are available from your local irrigation supplier and one of these items could be water pumps. Most sprinkler systems that require a pump will use either a submersible pump or a centrifugal pump, but your reticulation shop may stock different types of water pumps for various uses, such as:

  • Bore Pumps
  • Pond Pumps
  • Pool Pumps
  • Well Pumps

Tailored Irrigation Design

WA Reticulation Supplies - pumps and irrigation needsIf you are considering purchasing a whole new reticulation system, you may have thought about the design but lacked the expertise to make something that really works. Creating an accurate design that makes sure your system functions to its best ability is essential when designing a reticulation system. Some reticulation shops will offer help with the design of your reticulation system, and they have expert advice that you may not find anywhere else.

WA Reticulation Supplies are the Experts in Designing, Supplying and Installing the Best Reticulation System for Your Needs.

If you need a reticulation shop in Perth, look no further. WA Reticulation Supplies supply the highest quality products to all customers including retail, commercial, wholesale, DIY and trade. Our team are trained to help you find the right irrigation system and parts suitable to your needs. We have 3 convenient locations in Perth, plus we post Australia wide.

Drop in and speak to the team at 4/277 Albany Highway, Armadale or 3/12 Lloyd Street in Midland or 8/117-119 Dixon Road, Rockingham. Or call the team for expert advice on Armadale (08) 9399 9399 or Midland (08) 9274 5500 or Rockingham (08) 9529 1000.