Preparing Your Sprinklers for Spring

close up photo of a SprinklerAs we get close to the start of spring, the end of the winter sprinkler switch off is also about to occur. According to the Australian Water Corporation, the Western Australian people can save around 5 billion litres of water by adhering to the winter switch off.

The switch off ends on the 31st of August.

As the drier months approach, we want to make sure our gardens are still taken care of. Don’t wait until you need your sprinklers to find you have a problem. Check them now!

Check Your Retic After the Winter Switch Off

Testing your retic to ensure that it works properly is an important task to work on in the days coming up to the end of the switch off. If you are planning to look at installing a new system or repairing your old system after winter, now is the perfect time for it.

Check the area where the sprinklers operate and look at your water reading. Look for leaks and faults, broken sprinkler heads and water sprays. If your grass has been prolific and you have underground sprinklers, they may have become overgrown in the last few months.

If you are unsure of how to properly evaluate your sprinklers, try getting in touch with an expert on reticulation.

When Should I Turn My Retic On?

HCC controllerAccording to the Australian Water Corporation, you are encouraged to water before 9am or after 6pm. The watering will take place during 2 days out of 7. While our water saving initiative with the winter sprinkler switch off has been operable since 2010, it only lasts for 3 months. You will be free to manage your garden once the turn on date occurs, check your areas allowable sprinkler days.

Operating Your Retic Controller

When switching your retic back on, chances are that your settings or timings may need to be adjusted. Especially if there has been a power outage at some point during the winter months, you will need to double-check and assess the programming on your retic controller to ensure your sprinklers are functioning correctly. If you use a battery controller, make sure you replace the batteries as well.

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This article contains general information regarding the Winter Sprinkler Switch Off.

 Reference: Water Corporation of WA