Now is The Time to Check Your Irrigation System

reticulation systemSpring is a favourite time of year for many and while it’s an ideal time for a spring clean around the house and stables, on a property it’s also the ideal time to check your reticulation system thoroughly as it’s had a few months of sitting idle over winter.

So, before the weather warms up and your irrigation becomes essential, take the time to do an inspection to identify any maintenance issues that could be required when the help of professionals (and parts if required) are more readily available.

Before turning on your reticulation system it’s important to do a visual check on al sprinklers and pipes for any obvious faults with sprinkler heads and pipes prone to damage from horses rubbing on them, treading on any exposed ones, and general wear and tear that can occur.

A quick checklist before the rain stops and the dry season arrives would include:Irrigation pipe

  • Check for leaks, sprinkle heads, solenoid valves, gate valves, broken pipes, etc.
  • Turn on the existing system and run through each station making sure they turn on and off correctly.
  • Set a time in each station and turn on to check for correct coverage, operation pressures and conduct a visual check of every sprinkler.
  • Check the controller programs and replace batteries
  • Listen to the pump for any irregular sounds

Sprinkler SpraysWhen that’s completed you’ll know that all the sprinklers are working, their height and straightness have been checked, any signs of leaks have been detected, the sprinklers reach have been viewed so any coverage issues have been identified and can be rectified and any faults or issues that can’t be dealt with DIY can be referred to a professional.

Identifying any problems with a reticulation system so it can be fixed promptly can result in the system working efficiently and reduce the risk of a more costly fix down the track. Providing your horses access to good pasture will save you money and be beneficial for their health and also add to the aesthetics (and value) of your property.

Article originally published in Hoofbeats August / September 2020 written by David Ferris.