Maintaining Your Garden and Reticulation System During Christmas

yellow garden hoseChristmas in Western Australia is the perfect time to get outdoors in the garden and enjoy the weather while spending time with your loved ones. Since you’re already outside, you should also take some time to make sure that everything in your garden is in order. Pay particular attention to your sprinklers so that you don’t have any issues with then over the holidays.

Save Water with Mulch

Adding mulch to your lawn can help it retain moisture, ensuring that you don’t waste too much while trying to keep your garden nice and green for the holidays. This will also reduce the strain that is put on your sprinkler system and save you from having to hose too often, as is common during the hot weather that comes with summer in Western Australia.

Avoid Putting Christmas Lights On The Lawn

There are plenty of great places to put Christmas lights and decorations, but if you put them directly on your lawn you may run into some issues. For example, when you turn your sprinkler system on and the water goes all over your decorations instead of the grass, which can be a big waste of water and can also kill your lawn. Instead, the edges of walkways and the sides and front of your house are great spots for Christmas spirit.

Have Your Reticulation Professionally Checked

If you haven’t done so already, a professional check of your reticulation system can ensure that you don’t run into any unfortunate problems over the holiday season. This tip isn’t just for Christmas; your system has a lot of small parts that can have wear and tear over time or may be damaged at some point. Checking on your reticulation at the and end of the season will keep your system healthy.

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