How to Create My Own Garden Pond

Lovely garden pondWhether a spot to simply sit and relax or a new home for some fish, a garden pond is a great way to create a feature or fill in an unused space in your garden. If you fancy yourself as a DIY enthusiast, creating a garden pond makes a great weekend project. As with many home improvements, before building a pond be sure to check with your local council regarding any regulations or requirements.

There are many choices available when creating your own garden pond. Read on to learn 3 steps involved before getting busy on creating a garden pond including:

  • Plan your location and design
  • Choose your supplies
  • Pumps and filters needed

Plan your location and design

You may have the perfect spot in mind where to create your garden pond. While you may have your heart set on the location, be sure to consider the surroundings. A garden pond close to trees means leaves will fall into the pond and need to be cleared regularly. Consider the slope of your garden as areas where rain pools may not be the best location for your pond. When choosing your design consider the size, shape and depth. When choosing the depth, keep in mind different species of fish are suited to different depths of water.

Choose your supplies

fish in a pondWhen choosing your supplies, ensure you are using durable materials that are suitable for an outdoor garden pond. Ensure you have an adequate amount of supplies to cater to your design including the size, shape and depth. If you are short of time or don’t want to build your pond from scratch, ready made ponds are a great choice. These only need to be installed meaning they are less labour intensive and save you time. Pond supplies also include plants, rocks and ornaments.

Pumps and filters needed

To keep water flowing and moving in the pond, a water pump will be needed. The size and purpose of your pond will determine which pump is best. There are many pumping options available including submersible and external pumps and pumping products. Speak to a professional who can provide expert advice on the best pump for your ponds needs. If your pond isn’t located near power, you’ll need a professional electrician to install a power outlet.

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