How to Choose the Right Water Pump for My Needs?

Grundfos Pumps PromotionWhether needed for domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural needs, a water pump is used for the purpose of moving water from one place to another.

With an extensive range and variety of water pumps available, it can be overwhelming choosing the right water pump for your needs. WA Reticulation Supplies take pride in providing a broad range of irrigation parts and water pumps for all your pumping needs. We can customise pumps to your exact requirements to create the perfect solution for your needs. These additional components can include automatic operation switches, mains water diversion, pressure tanks, flow inducers, solar panels plus many more.

Wanting to know where to start when choosing the right water pump for your needs? Read below to learn 3 factors to consider including:

  • Type of Pump
  • Flow Rate
  • Maximum Head Capacity

Type of Pump

Knowing the type of pump you need will help narrow down your choices. Water pumps are powered by electricity or petrol/diesel. Electric pumps must have access to a reliable power source. These can be used for smaller purposes such as a residential garden however, there are larger electric pumps available that are often used for larger irrigation systems.

Orange Pumps – quality Australian pumps to suit your needsThere is also a range of water pumps that are powered by petrol/diesel. These must only be operated outdoors and are commonly used for firefighting/suppression, water transfer and irrigation when power is not available.

You must also consider the water that you are pumping. There are different pump designs for different types of water. For example, Is the water you are pumping clean? Does it contain debris or chemicals? Is it recycled water? The water quality and source are important factors to consider before buying a pump. If unsure, talk to the team at WA reticulation supplies for advice, we can even get your water laboratory tested for further analysis.

Flow Rate

The flow rate will determine how quickly the pump will be able to move water. This is measured by litres of water per hour, minute or second. While a water pump with a lower flow rate may still get the job done, it may take much longer. The flow rate needed for home use will obviously be significantly less than that needed for agriculture.  

Maximum Head Capacity  

The maximum head capacity of a water pump will indicate the maximum pressure the pump can reach. The range of pressure that can be achieved is a significant factor when choosing the correct pump for your irrigation or house. Factors that influence this calculation are:Water Pumps

  1. Suction lift; how far the pump must suck water up from
  2. Pipe sizing; flow and pressure rating of the pipework installed
  3. Friction loss through pipe and fittings; every metre of pipe and every fitting decreases the pressure
  4. Elevation changes from the pump; any uphill runs will also decrease pressure

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