How Do I Create a Waterwise Garden?

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Water is a precious resource and with a limited supply, it’s essential we all use water wisely. Doing so helps protect and preserve our environment, minimises the effects of drought and water shortages and saves energy and money.

When it comes to your garden, saving water is about the way you use water and the type of garden you have. Creating a waterwise garden is possible with the correct waterwise products and services.

Colourful Cactus gardenRead on to learn 5 ways to create a waterwise garden including:

  • Improve your soil
  • Use waterwise mulch
  • Use water efficiently
  • Choose waterwise plants
  • Make your verge waterwise

Improve your soil

The more nutrient and water rich the soil in your garden is, the healthier your plants will be. To ensure your soil holds water well, improve your soil by adding organic matter such as compost, soil improver, a soil amendment or a heavier soil.

Use waterwise mulch

A protective layer of waterwise mulch over soil can save significant water. Waterwise mulch can be identified by having large, chunky pieces that hold little or no water. How do you know if a mulch is waterwise? The best way is to feel it – it should be hard and hurt your feet to walk on.

Water saving irrigation options at WA Reticulation Supplies

Use water efficiently

To water your garden efficiently, getting water as close to the roots as possible is a must. Check your reticulation for leaks or broken parts and don’t delay have these repaired or replaced. When watering your garden, ensure correct water pressure so water remains only on your garden and isn’t being wasted by reaching the road, driveway or pavement.

Choose waterwise plants

There is an extensive range of waterwise plants that are suitable to our climate including local native plants. Research which plants are waterwise and suitable for your state and seek professional advice from waterwise specialists.

Make your verge waterwise

Micro Irrigation options at WA Reticulation Supplies

Replace the lawn on your verge with waterwise plants or a waterwise ground cover. This will not only save precious water, but can save you time and money on watering and the ongoing upkeep. Remember to check with your local council regarding restrictions and other verge treatment guidelines.

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