How Do I Create a Waterwise Cottage Garden in Perth, Peel, South West and the Great Southern?

Narrow pathway in a garden surrounded by a lot of colourful flowersA cottage garden is a one that has beauty and charm and contains a variety of annuals, perennials, brightly flowering shrubs and herbaceous plants. While it has a less formal design and style, it still boasts plenty of street appeal.

If you are planning to create a cottage garden at your home, there are a broad range of water wise plants available. You may even include edible herbs and fruit trees in your cottage garden.

Here are 3 step by step tips to creating a waterwise cottage garden including:

  • Improve your soil and spread a waterwise mulch prior to planting
  • Install an efficient reticulation system
  • Choose waterwise plants and group plans with similar water needs together

Improve your soil and spread waterwise mulch prior to planting 

The more nutrient and water rich the soil in your garden is, the healthier your plants will be. To ensure your soil holds water well, improve your soil by adding organic matter such as compost, soil improver, a soil amendment or a heavier soil. A protective layer of waterwise mulch over soil can save significant water. Waterwise mulch typically has large, chunky pieces that hold little or no water.

Install an efficient reticulation system

Reticulation system - sprinkler irrigating flower bed grassTo water your garden efficiently, you want to deliver the right amount of water to the right place, at the right time with minimal wastage. Sub irrigation, an integrated dripper or an in-line dripper is a simple and efficient system available. Once installed, it’s important to check your reticulation for leaks or broken parts and don’t delay have these repaired or replaced. When watering your garden, ensure correct water pressure so water remains only on your garden and isn’t wasted by reaching the road, driveway or pavement.

Choose waterwise plants and group plants with similar water needs together

There are a variety of ground covers, shrubs, grasses, leaf pants and trees that are waterwise and fit in with the style and charm of a cottage garden. Group plants with similar water needs together to be more water efficient. Taking the time to research, plan and prepare your cottage your garden will be a long term benefit to save water and save you money in the future.

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