How Can I Save Water In and Around My Home?

Turning tap off to save waterWe turn on taps in and around our home to free flowing water, without giving much thought that water is in fact a precious resource. Our water supply is limited and it’s important we all do our part to conserve water where possible.

Small changes can make a big impact to your water usage and there are many ways households can save water in and around the home including:

  • Install a rainwater tank
  • Use a drip irrigation system in your garden
  • Reduce sprinkler time and only water on rostered days
  • Install a hot water circulator
  • Be on the lookout for leaking or broken pipes

Install a rainwater tank

Rainwater tanks come in a range of sizes and are a great investment as they can save you money in the long term. Installing a rainwater tank will help to improve water conservation and an additional way you can do your part towards sustainable living. Rainwater can be used for many purposes including drinking water, garden watering, toilet flushing and doing laundry.

Use a drip irrigation system in your garden

Irrigation ControllerA drip irrigation system is ideal for both residential and broadacre irrigation including to water trees, plants, raised garden beds, subsurface turfs and sporting fields. It delivers water directly to plants roots which in turn can save water in comparison to overhead sprinklers. The difference being a drip irrigation system reduces evaporation, eliminates wind blowing water away from where it’s needed plus prevents water run-off.  

Reduce sprinkler time and only water on rostered days

Most people overwater their gardens. By reducing your watering time, you can save water and save money. Remember to water in the early morning or late at night, turn off your reticulation or don’t water your garden if rain is forecast and to only water on your rostered watering days.

Install a hot water circulator

If your hot water is not hot when first turning on the tap, a hot water circulator pump is designed to pump hot water around your home, making it instantly available anywhere. As circulators provide instant hot water at the tap (with return line), they stop water being wasted away down the drain while waiting for it to become hot.

Be on the lookout for leaking or broken pipes

Battery operated controllerLeaking water or plumbing pipes can cause significant water wastage and can often go unnoticed. Be on the lookout for water pooling in your garden, water stains on walls in your home or if you hear water running when no taps are turned on.

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