How Can I Increase the Hot Water Supply in My Home?

child in bathFree flowing hot water in our home is a luxury most of us take for granted. No matter the weather outside, hot water is relied on by many households every day.

While some hot water issues in the home are caused by a plumbing or hot water system issue, there are times when these are not the cause. Your home may simply need its hot water supply to be boosted to one or several taps in your home.

Looking to increase the hot water supply in your home? Read on to learn 3 pump options to consider including:

  • Hot Water Circulator
  • Hot Water Pressure Booster
  • Closed Loop Heating System Hot Water Circulator

Hot Water Circulator

A hot water circulator pump is designed to pump hot water around your home, making it instantly available anywhere hot water is required such as bathrooms and the kitchen. As circulators provide instant hot water at the tap (with return line), they stop water being wasted away down the drain while waiting for it to become hot.

At WA Reticulation we can supply the full range of Grundfos hot water circulating pumps for residential and commercial properties.

Hot Water Pressure Booster

UPA, Home boosterA hot water pressure booster pump is designed to increase existing pressure to a single hot water tap in your home. This type of hot water booster pump is generally easy to use and can be used in manual or automatic mode giving you the option of the pump operating continuously or starting and stopping when a tap is turned on and off.

Closed Loop Heating System Hot Water Circulator

Homes with hot water radiator heating systems can also enjoy the benefits of a hot water circulator. Depending on the product and model right for your home, some features even learn the hot water circulation patterns of your homes heating system and varies pump use accordingly.

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Source and photo credits: Grundfos