DIY Gardening Projects with WA Reticulation Supplies

Residental ReticulationDIY gardening projects are a great way to get the family or yourself outside. If you are looking for a way to keep yourself (or your family) busy around the home, consider a DIY gardening project. Make the most of the sunshine and fine days and spend time outdoors in the safety of your own home.

Wondering what gardening project will be chance to show off your DIY skills? Here are a few ideas including:

  • Reticulation
  • Plant new vegetation
  • Create a garden pond


Lush green grass is something most homes would love to have all year around. Whether you are looking to reticulate your lawn for the first time or update or repair your current system, it’s the ideal DIY project to save you time and hassle for years to come.  A reticulated garden is a viable way to water your lawn, without you having to water it by hand or move manual sprinklers around. Reticulation can also help to reduce water wastage. The type of sprinklers best for your garden can be determined by measuring the flow rate of the tap that will supply your reticulation. Other steps involved include setting out the system, digging the trenches, connecting the parts, installing the sprinklers, testing the system then of course standing back and admiring your job well done.

Plant new vegetation

Vegetable gardenIf you are looking to revamp your gardens, planting new vegetation is ideal. New vegetation could include planting a vegetable patch, adding colour with flowers or adding texture or height with greenery. No matter what vegetation you choose, the foundation to making your new plantings thrive is a good watering system. Whether a sprinkler style or drip line watering system, it’s important to ensure your watering system is adequate and provides consistent water pressure, plus is positioned correctly. Once your new vegetation is planted, you can admire its beauty from your favourite spot in the garden.

Create a garden pond

A garden pond can visually look great, allow you to grow a wider range of plants plus be a new home for some fish. When creating a garden pond, the location, shape and type of pond should be well thought out. To ensure your new pond functions correctly, you will also require the right equipment including any water pumps and filters. Once your pond is nearly complete, don’t forget the finishing touches. Will your pond have a waterfall or a fountain?

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  • Piping
  • Solenoids
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  • Drip Systems
  • Pumps
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