Creating a Tropical Garden that is Waterwise in Perth, Peel, South West and Great Southern Regions of Western Australia

Bird in Paradise in bloomA tropical holiday is at the top of many peoples favoured destinations. The setting alone creates an oasis of colour and shade that looks and feels relaxing. With the right planning you can create your very own tropical garden at your home. A tropical garden will give you the shade and shelter through the summer months and bursts of colour throughout the year.   

When creating a garden, it’s important to ensure it is waterwise. Many tropical plants require a lot of water regularly, however, there are a range of plants that look or are tropical that don’t require a lot of water.

Read on to learn some useful tips on creating a tropical garden that is waterwise in Perth, Peel, South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia including:

  • Preparation Before Planting
  • Reducing Evaporation from the Soil Surface
  • Water Efficient Irrigation

Preparation Before Planting

Correct preparation is essential before planting your tropical garden. This process begins with preparing and improving the soil. Organic matter dramatically increases soil’s ability to hold moisture and nutrients. Organic matter can be purchased as compost, soil improver or soil conditioner.

Reducing Evaporation from the Soil Surface

Once you have planted your new plantings, using a waterwise mulch is recommended. A good waterwise mulch will have large, chunky pieces that hold little, if any, water. Spread to a depth of 5 to 10cm and kept just clear of stems and trunks, a waterwise mulch will reduce evaporation from the soil surface. It will also prevent erosion, reduce weeds, reduce temperature fluctuations in the soil and overall improve the appearance of your garden.

Water Efficient Irrigation

Sprinklers - Photos by HunterThe best irrigation for your garden depends on the size and style. When planning your garden layout or hydrozoning is one of the most important ways to conserve water. What is hydrozoning? It is grouping plants with similar water needs together. Your irrigation system should also deliver water directly to the root system with little or no evaporative loss and minimal wastage. WA Reticulation Supplies are proud to be a waterwise irrigation design store. This means we are trained to help you create an attractive and functional garden to suite your lifestyle by assessing water efficiency and making recommendations to reduce your water use.

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Reference: WA Water Corporation