Creating a Native Garden in Perth and the South West

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Whether an avid green thumb or an amateur gardener, many of us enjoy spending time outdoors in our garden. From planting to watering to pruning to mowing there is always ways work to be done. If you’re looking for your next gardening project, you may choose to change or add plantings to create a themed garden.

Native Gardens are increasing in popularity. If you’re looking to create a native garden, what’s right for you will depend on the size and style of your garden. There is a large range of native plants available, most of which will also attract and serve as good for native birds, butterflies and insects.

Read below for some tips for creating a native garden in Perth and the South West including:

  • Preparing the soil
  • Irrigation
  • Conserving Water

Preparing the soil

Before planting native plants, it’s important to ensure the soil is in top condition. Organic matter is a great way to improve soil as it increases the soils capacity to hold moisture and nutrients plus encourages soil micro fauna that are vital for healthy plant growth. Spreading a waterwise mulch will reduce evaporation from the soil surface and help to prevent erosion, reduce weeds, reduce temperature fluctuation in the soil and improve the overall appearance of the garden.


To get the full benefit of your irrigation system you want it to deliver the right amount of water to the right place, at the right time, with minimal water wastage. A simple and efficient irrigation system that is easy to install and delivers water directly to the root system is ideal. This is known variously as sub-irrigation, integrated dripper or in-line dripper.

Conserving Water

Succulent coastal plant No matter what garden you are planting, it is important to be waterwise and conserve water where possible. One way to do this is by grouping plants together with similar water needs. A waterwise garden store can help with selecting plants and designing a garden that is waterwise. Being waterwise not only saves precious water, but saves you money.

WA Reticulation Supplies for all your irrigation and water related gardening needs

WA Reticulation Supplies is a Waterwise Garden Design shop which means we are trained to help you create an attractive and functional garden to suite your lifestyle or transform your existing garden by assessing water efficiency and making recommendations to reduce your water use. We will provide all the answers to your questions about Waterwise irrigation design whether starting from scratch or replacing an existing system.

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Reference: WA Water Corporation