Choosing the Right Irrigation Timer for Your Residential or Commercial Irrigation

sprinkler watering the grassInstalling irrigation at your residential or commercial property is certain to simplify the process of keeping lawn or gardens watered. As technology advances, the efficiency and performance of irrigation systems follow. Gone are the days of the only way to start your irrigation was to manually press a button in the control box. There are now many different controllers, also known as timers, that are ‘smart controllers’ which can further streamline the process of operating your irrigation. By adding sensors, smart technology can even mean your irrigation controller can monitor other variables such as the weather, soil and evaporation and adjust your irrigations watering schedule accordingly.

When it comes time to choose the right irrigation timer for your residential or commercial irrigation it’s important to know the different types of controllers available. Read below to learn more about 3 types of irrigation controllers including:

  • Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers
  • AC Powered Irrigation Controllers
  • Battery Operated Irrigation Controllers

Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers

Traditionally, irrigation controllers’ purpose was to simply operate an irrigation system for a duration of time on a certain day and time. Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers also known as ‘smart controllers’ allow irrigation to be controlled from a Wi-Fi device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Wherever you can access Wi-Fi, you can control your irrigation. A great option to still be able to control your irrigation when travelling or away from home.  

AC Powered Irrigation Controllers

AC Powered Irrigation Controllers are wired into a fixed location and operate through being connected to a power supply. They are suitable for residential properties and advanced AC power controllers, with additional features, are available for commercial properties. AC powered irrigation controllers normally have the option of being operated via a remote control too and can be upgraded to be ‘smart’ controllers using sensors.

Battery Operated Irrigation Controllers

Battery operated controllerOne of the more traditional irrigation controllers is battery operated. These are great for properties or residential areas where there is no power supply to allow irrigation to occur without using an electrical connection. Battery operated irrigation controllers are preferred by some people as they are very user friendly and simple to operate. They are suitable for both residential and commercial properties and if the batteries are changed regularly will successfully operate your irrigation system.  

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Reference and photo credits: Hunter