About Us

WA Reticulation Supplies pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service.
We are proud to be a trusted part of our local community and provide an extensive range of services and materials
to customers both locally and from a wide range of other areas.
Our services include:

  • Access to the largest range of professional irrigation products available from any one store in Western
  • Professional staff with extensive industry experience, technical resources and services
  • In house training available to our customer base

In providing our services we value:

  • Exceeding our client’s needs
  • Professional, trained and experienced staff who respect your confidentiality
  • Effective communication with our clients
  • Providing an approachable, prompt and courteous service to client’s
  • Convenient hours of opening
  • Prompt responses to your enquiries, comments or feedbacko

Key Personnel

David Ferris (Director), involved in the irrigation industry since 1989 with extensive experienced in the mining and
pastoral fields, working closely with BHP resources on re-vegetation and crop growth in remote locations.
Specialising in Grundfos Solar Pumping Systems.

Daniel Johnston, involved in the irrigation industry since 1998 has worked at WA Reticulation Supplies since 2002.
Dan is the Project and Sale Manager and is responsible for the design, supply and construction of large irrigation
projects in WA for BHP Resources, RIO TINTO, various other mining companies, local government departments and
local rural residents.

Aaron Petit, involved in the irrigation industry since 1999 has worked for WA Reticulation Supplies since 2007. Aaron
is the Retail and Trade Manager handling the design of many irrigation projects across Western Australia as a “Water
Corporation Certified Designer” and has worked closely with the City of Armadale and our many Trade customers, in
establishing a supply and technical service second to none.

Natalie Adams, has worked at WA Reticulation Supplies since 2006. Natalie is the Account Manager with many years’
experience in the successful operation of large corporate business.

Contact WA Reticulation Supplies in Armadale and Midland

Ph: 08 9399 9399
4/277 South West Highway
Armadale WA 6112.

Ph: 08 9274 5500
3/12 Lloyd Street
Midland WA 6056