7 Ways to Use Water Efficiently in your Garden

reticulation systemWater is a precious resource and it’s important we all do our part to conserve water where possible. There are many ways households can reduce water usage and use water efficiently both inside and outside the home.

With over 40% of household water used in the garden, making sure you’re watering your garden efficiently is a great place to start. Read on to learn 7 ways to use water efficiently in your garden including:

  • Create a waterwise garden
  • Turn off sprinklers if rain is forecast
  • Water before 9am in the morning
  • Only water on your rostered water days
  • Reduce sprinkler time
  • Replace worn sprinkler nozzles and broken seals
  • Check your reticulation system regularly

Create a waterwise garden

Visit a waterwise garden design store to design and install water efficient garden watering systems. Choose plants and soil for your garden that are also water wise.

Turn off sprinklers if rain is forecast

Make a conscious effort to turn off your reticulation if there is rain forecast. Doing so, will save water and save you money.

Water before 9am in the morning

Avoid watering your garden during the hottest time of the day. Watering before 9am in the morning allows plants to use water throughout the day.

Only water on your rostered water days

Be up to date with the allowed rostered watering days for your house number. Even if you’re using a bore, only water on your allowed days.  

Reduce sprinkler time

Native frog loving WA Reticulation's SprinklerDid you know? Most homes gardens and lawns are over watered. Reducing your sprinkler time by just 2 minutes per station will make a positive impact on your water usage.

Replace worn sprinkler nozzles and broken seals

Worn sprinkler nozzles and broken seals can waste precious water. To avoid this occurring, check and if required replace these before summer arrives.

Check your reticulation system regularly

Be on the lookout for any changes to your reticulation system. When in use, be on the lookout for water pooling, unusual noises or a change in water pressure. Prioritise having any issues inspected and repaired.

WA Reticulation Supplies can help you get your garden summer ready.

WA Reticulation Supplies is a Waterwise Garden Design shop which means we are trained to help you create an attractive and functional garden to suite your lifestyle or transform your existing garden by assessing water efficiency and making recommendations to reduce your water use. We will provide all the answers to your questions about Waterwise irrigation design whether starting from scratch or replacing an existing system.

As Waterwise Garden Design Shop, we are qualified to install & maintain water efficient garden watering systems to an industry standard. The team pride themselves on offering excellent customer service. We are proud to be a trusted part of our local community.

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Reference: WA Water Corporation