3 Tips When Buying a New Water Pump From a Pump Shop

Orange Pumps – quality Australian pumps to suit your needsPurchasing from a pump shop can feel daunting if you are not 100% sure of what you want to buy. If you are looking at buying a pump but still undecided, there are a few different things you can look at to really help cement that decision so you can get the perfect water pump for you. The best step is to simply go into your local pump shop and ask for advice. Here are some things to think about before you head in.

1. Know What Kind of Pump You Need

Do you know exactly what kind of pump you want to use?

Water pumps come in a wide range with an even wider variety of uses, which means there is something that suits your needs. The sheer number of different pumps can be daunting.

Define what you are using the pump for. Is it for mains water, from a bore or dam? Is it to put in your garden pond, outdoor water feature, fire prevention, house water or retic? If you can explain to the pump shop expert exactly what your needs are, it is easier for them to show you the right pump.

2. Do Pump Shops Sell Commercial and Residential Pumps?

Commercial and residential pumps are very different. Your local pump shop will likely have bo.th There is a pump for your needs, whether you require a pump for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Firefighting
  • Hobby farms
  • Agricultural

3. Do I Need Additional Equipment for My Water Pump?

Water pumpExtra parts for water pumps are sometimes necessary depending on the job you need them to complete. They can help to make your task easier, too! Additional pieces can help you to design a custom-made pump with parts such as automatic operation switches and pressure tanks. Another great addition is solar panels for a healthy energy solution that makes you and the planet feel better!

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WA Reticulation Supplies provides a diverse range of pumps and pump products for a wide range of customers including residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural. We stock a broad range of brands engineered for efficiency and performance and are happy to assist you with selecting a pump that suits your needs and even customising pumps to your requirements.

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