3 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy During Winter

close up photo of a SprinklerWith your reticulation and sprinklers switched off during winter, the abundance of rain and cooler temperatures keep our lawns and gardens watered and green.

While your gardening duties may be less during the winter months, there are still steps you can take to keep your lawn healthy. Taking care of your lawn during winter can mean less work to keep it healthy and green when spring and summer arrive.

  • Allow your lawn to get sufficient sunlight during winter
  • Mow your lawn less often during winter
  • Re-assess your fertilising during winter

Allow your lawn to get sufficient sunlight during winter

While the harsh summer sun can cause your lawn to die, winter sunlight helps your lawn thrive. To ensure your lawn is maximising the sunlight, trim tree branches shading your lawn. Leaves and garden debris will also stop your lawn maximising the sunlight so be sure to clear these from your lawn regularly during winter.

Mow your lawn less often during winter

Lawns are generally mowed less during winter. While you may find during summer you are mowing your lawn every few weeks, a mow every 4 to 6 weeks in winter may be sufficient. Avoid mowing your lawn too short during winter to prevent weakening your lawn.

Re-assess your fertilising during winter

A good fertilising program during autumn can mean your lawn will need fertilising less often during winter. Depending on how healthy your lawn is, it may not need to be fertilised at all during winter. Seek expert advice on which nutrients your lawn does need and choose waterwise endorsed products.

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Reference: Water Corporation Help & Advice